Thursday, June 19, 2008

Poll: 'Chili' Readers Feeling Pain at the Pump

Looking back, we didn't ask about gas prices. Human Torch does have this little wire sticking out of the driver's seat of his car, which pokes him before he gets out at the gas station, so technically, at least he's feeling pain at the pump.

But on to the real result of the poll...

The question was, um, actually not a question:

"Here's how I feel about golf..."

33% of respondents chose "Kill me now" as their response. Hopefully, none of them have been killed. If so, I'm sorry I unleashed this evil curse on the world. Like a low-budget "The Ring" (via Coolchaser) or something. Anyway, my condolences to the families and I accept no responsibility. I can't control my awesome powers.

14% of you said, "That's the One with the Little White Balls, Right?" (Insert Butthead Quote here.) This answer really shows a combination of ignorance and apathy. (ME -Q: What's the difference between ignorance and apathy? People Who Chose This Answer-A: I don't know, and I don't care.)

Fine, be that way.

22% of you chose the answer "I'm Try-Curious." Now, first I'm going to assume you're talking about golf. (If not, maybe I should start another entirely different kind of blog...) If in fact you meant golf, come join me for a round one of these days, and it's on me.

18% of you said "I'm a playa, baby." And since I'm assuming all my readers are hip enough to know that "playa" means "player" and not "a dry lakebed," then I'm assuming there's no confusion. If, however, I've offended any geographical features who happen to read this blog, please accept my apologies, right behind all those people I accidentally killed with a curse because they said "Kill me now."

Finally, 11% of you said "I'm wasting time not golfing right now." I love the enthusiasm, but really, a little more balance in life wouldn't hurt.

Ok, so all together, that puts 52% of you in the 'basically pro golf' category and 48% of you in the 'basically anti-golf' category. Since part of my goal here is to encourage more golfing, I'm creating a new poll that launches today to find out what it would take to encourage you to golf more.

And I'm looking for a contest idea if you've got one!

1 comment:

Tommy Mac said...

I'm not sure about a wire sticking out of my seat, but I know that I will have a drill sticking into my mouth in about an hour. The rest of my day goes like this. Root canal -> Take Advil -> Eat soup -> Play golf -> Take more Advil -> Eat more soup -> Sleep.

I certainly hope that they are able to successfully complete the darn thing this time. This is "Round 2" of the root canal, as last week was a botched effort that left me feeling empty inside, unfortunately, the TOOTH didn't feel as empty as it should have.