Sunday, June 1, 2008

Bad Lies, Videotape, and the Mask of Beer

So, we didn't have a great evening at Altadena. (Actually, it was a lot of fun, but that wasn't reflected in the scores.) As promised, I sorted through some pictures and video that Mercuryboy mostly took.

And as a general rule, if the question is "Are You Filming, Jake?", you can count on the answer being yes.

I do like how MB went all NYPD Blue at the beginning of the clip though. It adds that gritty realism that lets you know it's, uh, real.

Here's another remarkable shot by Human Torch on the 8th hole, resulting in a bad lie (this kind, not this kind):

Yes, his ball was almost completely buried. Believe it or not, we actually covered this at Golf School the previous weekend.

Like most things one learns in a school setting, this one was less helpful in real life than you'd hope. Sometime later that day, HT emerged from the sand bunker, badly in need of a shampooing. And possibly a blow drying.

Ok, last thing for now. There was quite a bit of absent-minded equipment leavage on this outing. Clubs get left behind as you move from hole to hole from time to time, but somehow we were on a real streak. Human Torch, in particular, had left a couple of valuable clubs behind and had to go scramble to get them, causing panic to ensue.

As a result, he decided to play a trick on Mercuryboy and here's the setup, plus a discussion of "The Mask of Beer":

For the resolution of the prank, you'll have to come back later in the week!

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Tommy Mac said...

You forgot to mention, when the ball finally made it over the lip of the bunker, it DID roll to within inches of the hole, thus resulting in a Bogey. :)