Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Battle at the Bellagio

Forget about Tiger and Rocco at the Open on Monday ("Tiger and Who at the what now?"-Most of You and fair enough).

The battle of the weekend happened last Friday night on the 9th and final hole.

In order to better document the dramatic finish (and because I had lost already), I didn't finish the hole, but instead pulled out the video camera.

The situation was this. Mercuryboy had a one-stroke lead going into the last hole, but Human Torch got off the tee very, very strong. It's a long par 4 (about 440 yards, but about 350 for Mercuryboy), so a few strokes later, Mercuryboy was at the edge of the green laying 6, with Human Torch on the green with just 5 strokes.

That's dramatic enough, since anyone could win. Except me. But I already said that.

But then, all watery hell broke loose. (Watery hell?) It was late in the day, but the sprinkler system obviously got out of sequence, and the ninth hole came to life with more prancing fluids than you'll find this side of David Letterman avoiding a lawsuit.

I was going to edit this Cloverfield-like video, but I decided to preserve the documentary integrity of the moment, and also I need to get started on work. One big difference between this and Cloverfield, though, is as Human Torch says at the end, we survive. Oh, dear, should I have said Spoiler Alert? Yeah, like you care.



Tommy Mac said...

Where was Betta with the steady-cam?? lol

Tommy Mac said...

Wait a minute... I was laying 4... lol ;)