Friday, May 30, 2008

The Cake Eagle Has Landed

As promised, cake was delivered to contest winner, Barely Legal, earlier today...

I was going to say she was happier to get this cake than she looked in the picture, but on a second glance, she looks pretty happy about it.

The writing says "Deborah, Queen of Golf." I couldn't bring myself to tell the bakery to make it say "Barely Legal, Queen of Golf." They'd have done it and immediately called the Special Victims Unit on me.

Here's another, slightly more embarrassing picture:

And still more:

If I'd kept going, I might have been able to make one of those flip books that ends up with Barely Lega's head in the bowl. That would have been cool, but alas.

New contest coming next week! TBD.

Plus, Human Torch, Mercuryboy, Yakherder and I are heading to the Altadena Golf Course in another hour or so. More footage and comedy is certain to ensue.


Marni said...

i am so jealous!!!!!!! but it's my own fault for not entering. sigh.

Jays said...

Marni, you should have a contest on your site, with the prize being home baked anything by you. You should rig it so only I can win.